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Apriori Decor

Candle Holder

Candle Holder

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Jesmonite AC100 System

Jesmonite Pigment


Care Instructions

Use wet cleaning wipes to clean the product. Read more about the product care here.

Pre&Custom Orders

Pre-orders and custom-orders of this product areย possible. If you have specific wishes, please, mention them when placing the order. The order of the product that is not in stock may affect the delivery time. For any clarifications, email us atย or DM us on our Instagram accountย 

Hand-made disclaimer

Please be aware that all our products are hand-made (hand-poured, sanded and sealed). We aspire to recreate the product's design. Still, there might be inconsistencies (colour tone, texture, consistency, pattern, air bubblesย etc.), which make each item look slightly different from the others in the collection. Nevertheless, such "imperfections" make each piece unique. Also, the colour reproduction on the screen may differ from the actual item's colour because of the photography light or screen quality. Such differences and some unique features should not be considered a fault.

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What is Jesmonite ?

Jesmonite is supplied as two components, a water-based acrylic liquid and a mineral base. The benefits of Jesmonite are:ย 

- It is solid and durable, thus impact-resistant material.ย 

- It is lighter than stone, concrete, sand or cement.ย 

- It can replicate the finest detail.ย 

- It has a class zero fire rating, reduced smoke density and toxicity. It is solvent free with no VOCs.ย 

- It is more eco-friendly.

- It can be pigmented in any colour and mimic any texture.ย