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Rainbow Candles

Rainbow Candles

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Discover our Rainbow Candles, a color spectacle for your home. The lively, radiant colors of our candles bring immediate joy and positive energy into every room. As a perfect element for any home decor, our Rainbow Candles invite you to walk through the splendor of a personal rainbow in your own four walls, creating an incomparably cheerful and lively ambiance. Optimize your room design with these colorful eye-catchers!

Dimensions: H.- 10 cm; W.- 6 cm.

Enhance your experience with our candle care tools and additional candle collections.


Rapeseed natural wax. Benefit: eco-friendly plant wax.


Cotton wick.

Care Instructions

Please, put candles on the prepared surfaces, as the rapeseed wax flows to the surrounded surfaces. Apriori Trays will help you to style your candles with care.

Pre&Custom Orders

Pre-orders and custom-orders of this products are possible. The order of the product that is not in stock may affect the usual delivery time. If you have specific wishes, please, email us at or DM us on our Instagram account before placing the order.

Hand-made disclaimer

Please be aware that all our products are hand-poured. We aspire to recreate the product's design. Still, there might be inconsistencies (colour tone, texture etc.), which make each item look slightly different from the others in the collection. Nevertheless, such "imperfections" make each piece unique. Also, the colour reproduction on the screen may differ from the actual item's colour because of the photography light or screen quality. Such differences and some unique features should not be considered a fault.

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Gebrauchsanweisungen Kerzen

Sculptural Candle Use Instructions

For a better experience with our candles, trim the wick to 60 mm each time before lighting up the candle.

Please, follow the WARNINGs:

- Do not leave the candle unattended.

- Do not leave near or on objects that can inflame.

- Keep out of reach of children and pets.

- Put candles on the prepared surfaces, as the soy wax flow to the surrounded surfaces. Apriori Trays will help you to style your candles with care.

Rapswachs Kerzen Schweiz

Sculptural Candle Wax

The standard option for our sculptural candles is rapeseed wax with no scent or with a slight Apriori signature fragrance. We strive to make our products as eco-friendly as possible. The other eco-friendly alternative to rapeseed wax on the market is soy wax, which is greasier and can leave marks on surfaces and hands. Soy wax also burns faster than rapeseed wax, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Unlike paraffin wax, rapeseed wax does not burn completely, which can cause it to spill onto surfaces. Therefore, it's essential to always use a prepared surface that is easy to clean from wax. Consider using our stone trays (Plain Oval Tray, Oval, or Round Wavy Trays), which are perfectly suited for this purpose. Additionally, please be aware that sculptural candles are primarily intended for decoration. Due to their shape, they may have a shorter burning time and could potentially spill.